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Monday, 1-Dec-2008 02:34 Email | Share | | Bookmark
CuTi-CuTi MaLaySia..... "Malacca"

Everything has been planned one month earlier.... I booked a Famosa Bungalow w someone of mine, two days before the due date the booking cancelled. WHY??? she's giving me different rate from what has been promised earlier. I have to cancelled bcoz its really ridiculous... I dun have any choices and still proceed it... calling and surfing more than 20++ resort n hotel was not an easy task....At the end I managed to book at Emperor Hotel, eventhough I really dun know good/bad the hotel.

Kaklong n family decided to go on saturday, but we start our journey at 5pm on friday. A night at Ratna's house an another night at hotel. Ada hikmah rupanye .... almost 3 years not seeing kak Ratna. Saturday around 11am we proceed to Malacca City.... we lost, can't even find where is a famosa or mahkota parade. At the end we proceed to hotel... thats also taking 1/2 hour.... really terrible....

After check in and keep our luggage we continue to Malacca City..... its take more than 1/2 hour he..he.. actually its just 5 min.... still lost after asking someone.. WHAT LAH...

Visited Place:-
* Taming Sari, Papa n Kids only
* Beca , all of us
* A Famosa, main entrance only
* Taman Mini, sunday
* Etc

Pity Arissa, eat a lot of baby limay... end up with diarrea + fever... Still join us swimming at pool.
Sat night, dinner at Umbai.... we ate after 2 hours waiting........n x sedap mana pun...Lama sgt kat Umbai n x smpt nak g Eye on Malaysia...hu..hu..Next day after taking breakfast at hotel all the kids insist to swim again.... smlm tu kejap sgt kot!!! N CHECKK OUT around 1pm.... n proceed to taman mini.... visit few house n watched the shows...go back n reached home at 7 pm.....

Friday, 21-Nov-2008 04:18 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Dun ask me why I posted this photo........

Monday, 10-Nov-2008 07:16 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Ni Kisah Kakak LaK...

So sweat...
Adik .... Chesse!!!
20/10 to 25/10 was a tiring day for me/mummy/wife/staff... WHY! Its Arissa turn, admitted at SMC, the Paed said its due to bronchopnemonia... almost like Adik.... Eventhough I' m rotate with papa to bbsit Kakak but I still shorthanded. Luckily the bbsitter (Ocu) dun mind taking care si adik over the night almost 3 night.... "Syukur Alhamdulillah"...

Treated with nab n others medicine she's not recovered up to 4 days at SMC, on 23rd night she's non stop diarrea + with vomitting. End up with insert in drip to her body due to rejecting any food/misc.

I hv planned to organize an open house on 26/10/08 for house warming+raya... and I can't cancel it.... bcoz that week was last week for hari raya and I even hv invited some of the relatives earlier during our visit to their open house.

At last the Doc discharged Arissa on Saturday afternoon, somehow Kakak still not 100% recovered. It's not over as Hubby and Arissa were attacked with Diarrea the whole night up to early morning. Pity Arissa as she's diarrea + vomit every half an hour. At last I asked Hubby n Arissa to go SMC around 5.30a.m. I slept at 6.00a.m. that day and wake up at 9a.m. and proceed to morning market for my open house preparations.... Waduh! I felt drowsy.... with 3 hours sleep makk oii bergegar otak!!!

Anyway, Hubby n Arissa much2 more better n my Open House that day was quit happening eventhough my menu was w/out fruit punch n bubur cha-cha.......Hu..Hu..

Thursday, 11-Sep-2008 02:06 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Lama dah x update....

View all 4 photos...
End of July arituh my youngest daughter admitted at SMC.... since that x kesampaian nak update. [i][b]The Dr. paed tu cakap "Bronchopnemonia" lebih kurang ler... sian kat bb evryday g wat phsio n sedut kahak for 1 week + drip n antibiotic. Not to forget Nabulizer for every two hours... at first mesti nangis masa nak amik nab tu but lama2 she use to it. The paed also quit good eventhough the nurse and surrounding not really good and helpful if to compared with Pantai. Nak wat camner ni jer yg terdekat ngan umah. Senang nak ulang alik.... Arissa lak weekdays tido mah ocu but ocu akan bwk dia visit everyday.

Ngam2 1 week Paed bg balik but still under medications. Berat adik mmg susut giler, masa admitted just 6.19 kg ... pas tu 7.1kg. Syukur naik juga akhirnya after 2 weeks discharge ...itupun dgn bantuan mct oil yg paed bg.

Some of the photos captured ....

Tuesday, 15-Jul-2008 03:27 Email | Share | | Bookmark
~Zoom In~

Cover Magazine tu!!!
WAH, Cayalah.
Nothing to say.....

Cover Magazine, LAYAR IMPIAN

Ni tak tau ler magazine aper lak....

Nak jadi ustazah ler Mummy???

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